Linux - reload Intel wireless card kernel module

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Use lspci for displaying information about PCI buses in the system and devices connected to them, to get information about kernel modules being used:

# lspci -nnk
04:00.0 Network controller [0280]: Intel Corporation Wireless 8260 [8086:24f3] (rev 3a)
    Subsystem: Intel Corporation Device [8086:0130]
    Kernel driver in use: iwlwifi
    Kernel modules: iwlwifi

Search for loaded module and it's dependencies:

# lsmod | grep iwlwifi
iwlwifi               290816  1 iwlmvm
cfg80211              790528  3 iwlmvm,iwlwifi,mac80211

Unload dependencies and particular module from kernel:

# rmmod iwlmvm
# rmmod iwlwifi

Verify that module is no longer loaded:

# lsmod | grep iwlwifi

Load module again:

# modprobe iwlwifi