[Raspberry Pi] script for auto reconnecting WiFi connection

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Create script file:

touch /home/volumio/wifi-reconnect.sh

with following content:

SSID=$(/sbin/iwgetid --raw)

if [ -z "$SSID" ]
    echo "`date -Is` WiFi interface is down, trying to reconnect" >> /home/volumio/wifi-log.txt
    systemctl restart wireless

echo "WiFi check finished"

Make new file executable:

chmod +x /home/volumio/wifi-reconnect.sh

Install cron:

sudo apt-get install cron

Edit crontab:

sudo vim /etc/crontab

by putting following content at end of file:

* * * * * root /home/volumio/wifi-reconnect.sh

Test it by disconnecting from WiFi, script should reestablish connection within 1 minute.

ifconfig wlan0 down

Reconnect RPi and check log file:

cat /home/volumio/wifi-log.txt