[Raspberry Pi] Music playing using Volumio with Sound Blaster X-Fi

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Music playing using Volumio on Raspberry Pi with Sound Blaster X-Fi

Architecture schema:

Installation steps:

Download Volumio image from https://volumio.org/get-started/

Unzip downloaded image

unzip md5sum volumio-2.348-2017-12-22-pi.img.zip

Check MD5 checksum of uncompressed image:

md5sum volumio-2.348-2017-12-22-pi.img

Insert microSD card to your laptop/PC.
You can delete all existing partitions using for instance gparted tool.
You can install it using following command:

dnf install gparted -y

Copy Volumio image using dd command, it will destroy all data on microSD card:

dd if=volumio-2.348-2017-12-22-pi.img of=/dev/mmcblk0 bs=4M conv=fsync

Make sure that image was really coppied to microSD card (not only to cache) by issuing following command:


Whole copy and sync operation takes around 5 minutes (depends on microSD card speed).

Insert microSD card with Volumio into Raspbbery Pi and power on.

Connect Raspberry Pi to Ethernet network.
You can also use RPi WiFi capabilities and connect to wireless network broadcasted by volumio:
SSID: Volumio
Pass: volumio2

Go to http://volumio.local/

Go through First run wizard.

Select proper output device for instance SB X-Fi Surround 5.1 Pro

Configure device to connect your WiFi network.

You can also disable HotSpot function and set custom DNS.

Restart device, it should automatically connect to WiFi network.

After that you will be able to access it via http://volumio.local/

Enabling software volume level control when using external sound card

Playback Options -> Volume Options -> Mixer Type, set "Software"

Wirelss problems

If you discover that Volumio drops WiFi connection when trying to connect to it from your mobile phone, please change your WiFi channel on your home router to "10"

SSH CLI access

You can enable SSH access on http://volumio.local/dev/ page.
To access Volumio via SSH:

ssh volumio.local -l volumio

Use following username and password:

volumio / volumio

Access root:

sudo su

Get list of available Volumio commands:


Check Volumio status:

volumio status