Running KVM hypervisor on VPS server

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Running KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) hypervisor on VPS servers.
Some of current VPS servers are OpenStack KVM virtual machines with nested virtualization enable, so you are able to run a nested KVM virtual machine.

Check whether VPS CPU supports Intel virtualization instruction set.
You should see 'vmx' string in returned value.

grep vmx /proc/cpuinfo

Install required for KVM packages:

yum install virt-manager kvm libvirt qemu-kvm
yum install xorg-*

Reload KVM kernel modules:

rmmod kvm_intel
rmmod kvm
modprobe kvm
modprobe kvm_intel

Start libvirt system daemon:

systemctl start libvirtd

Download ISO test image:


Run Virt Manager (requires X forwarding enabled):


To check whether VM is working:

virsh list --all

Scan for running VM:

arp-scan --localnet -I virbr0

Inside ArchLinux live CD VM enable SSH access:

systemctl restart sshd

Connect via SSH to live CD VM:

ssh root@IP_ADDR